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Funeral Services in Warren, Detroit, Grosse Pointe

Funeral Services in WarrenDistinctive Funeral Services in Warren for Distinctive Needs

Every family faces their own unique situation during their difficult time of loss. For this reason, Chas. Grosse Pointe offers a variety of first rate funeral services in Warren. Working with each family to customize arrangements for their distinctive needs, we provide a wide range of exceptional funeral services, including:

  • Traditional  Warren Funeral Services: Includes viewing and visitation, church service, graveside service and burial.
  • Memorial Services: We'll help you design a more customized service, even if that means you want to hold the ceremony somewhere other than our facilities.
  • Cremation Funeral Services: You can choose to hold a traditional funeral service, including a viewing, visitation and graveside service, as part of a cremation.

Additionally, we offer the following options to help you further personalize a funeral service:

  • Personalized video tributes
  • Customized caskets and urns
  • Picture boards and collage
  • Memory tables to display cherished keepsakes
  • Memory baskets
  • Special music
  • Customized flowers
  • Customized monuments and markers
  • Much more

If you are located in Detroit and are interested in receiving information about other locations, please visit our Detroit Funeral Homes page which will provide you with the heritage of our first funeral home in Detroit, MI. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to give us a call at Grosse Pointe.

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